Discrepancy in climatic zoning of the current soil productivity evaluation system

  • Filip CHUCHMA Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Brno branch
  • Hana STŘEDOVÁ Department of Applied and Landscape Ecology, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic
Keywords: climatic data, the Czech Republic, production potential, soil climate development


Pedologic-ecological estimation in the Czech Republic (Central Europe) means
determination of land agronomic productivity and its economical pricing and is expressed
as a five position numeral code and mapped as iso-lines. The first position of the code is
the climatic region representing approximately the same conditions for agricultural plant
growth and development. This climatic regionalization was based on the climatic data
from 1901–1950. Currently, there is the need to update their existing zoning due to the
technological progress of measurement and development of climate models including estimation
of future climate. The aim of the paper is (i) to apply actual climatic data
to climatic regionalization and (ii) to estimate what climatic conditions are relevant for
actually valid climatic regions. The original methodology currently enables us to unequivocally
classify only 17% of the entire territory of the Czech Republic (and 18% of Czech
agricultural land). A substantial part of the territory does not fit neatly into individual
climatic regions. Subsequently the actually valid ranges of climatic characteristics of individual
climatic regions were determined. The GIS layers of individual climatic variables
computed with data from 1961–2010 were one by one covered by GIS layers of individual
climatic regions based on data from 1901–1950. Interval ranges of climatic region variables
determined in this way are valid for the period 1961–2010. The upper limit of air
temperature sum above 10 °C and annual air temperature in most of the climatic regions
was significantly shifted up in 1961–2010. An increase in precipitation is noticeable in wet
climatic regions. Moisture certainty in vegetation season and probability of dry vegetation
are the most problematic in terms of Estimated Pedologic-Ecological Units (EPEU)
climatic zoning. This should be taken into account when fixing the official soil price.

Author Biography

Filip CHUCHMA, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Brno branch

Kroftova 43, 616 67 Brno, Czech Republic

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CHUCHMA, F., & STŘEDOVÁ, H. (2015). Discrepancy in climatic zoning of the current soil productivity evaluation system. Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, 45(4), 255-268. https://doi.org/10.1515/congeo-2015-0023
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